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Feb 28

Video from our record release at Kung Fu Necktie. 

Dec 19

cassette? oh, I thought you said baguette.

We started our own cassette label. It’s called “Infinite Time Capsules”. #002 is a collaboration with Mike from Mt. Olympus. Get it at our record release show on Jan. 7th at KFN.

Oct 31

Here’s live footage from a recent show. We played with Black Mamba Beat who were great. There’s footage of them as well.

May 2

Mar 29

Mar 24

Real nice stuff. Both the song and video. Brian Melton, do you do up-tempo-post-punk-party-psych garage-videos too? Got the track, and the others too. Do yourselves a favor… 


PREMIERE: Grubby Little Hands - Uneek

One of my favorite music videos last year was these Donnie Felton-led Philly glo-fiers collab with filmmaker Brian Melton on the song “Feel in my Back”.  Now they’re back with another stunning work of skittles-colored psychedelic dreamscape accompanying the lazed-out sun bathing, mojito-drinkin’ lullaby. Lovely, lovely stuff.  I guarantee that watching this will lower your stress level at least three full points instantly.  Trust.

Pick up this new single free for yourself on Bndcmp! Bros up on Tmblr too.

Feb 23

Nothing on Faux Slang

I (Rick) will be filling in for two shows on drums for NOTHING, philadelphia brethren of the amazing kind.

Check them out here: NOTHING